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What Is an “Earth Holder”?

Sangha means community. The Earth Holder Sangha is is an affinity group within the Plum Village International Community of Engaged Buddhists, founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. First created in the US in 2015, the Earth Holder Sangha is guided by the engaged Buddhist ethics of the Five Mindfulness Trainings and Fourteen Mindfulness TrainingsREAD MORE>>>

Featured Inspiration

Walking with the Earth


Many of us walk for the sole purpose of getting from one place to another. Now suppose we are walking to a sacred place. We would walk quietly and take each gentle step with reverence. I propose that we walk this way every time we walk on the earth. The earth is sacred and we touch her with each step. We should be very respectful, because we are walking on our mother. If we walk like that, then every step will be grounding, every step will be nourishing… READ MORE>>>