We need your help to meet the global earth-study and -practice demand in order to beautifully continue Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching on earth holding and protecting. Here are some specific ways you can be of service to Mother Earth and the Plum Village Community. Would you like to:

·         Help with the website? We need people around the world to sign up as the “editor” of their region and create regular posts about earth holding actions and events in their area. Or, be a “content curator” and keep artwork, manuals, and templates up-to-date and accessible to all.
·         Coordinate Calls-to-Action? Keep your fingers on the pulse of what’s happening and suggest to the Earth Holder Sangha Care-Taking Council symbolic and meaningful actions the Plum Village Community can take—in solidarity—for a wholesome and healing response.
·         Be a Social Media Master? In partnership with regional web and newsletter editors, generate skillful Facebook postings and events. Also, Tweet the latest Earth Holder news.
·         Provide Graphic Art and Design? Create surveys, postcards, template brochures, signs for marches, and assist with other graphic projects. Also, maintain the Earth Holder Sangha logo design and help refine the Earth Holder visual brand.
·         Be the Google Groups and Mail Chimp Manager? Receive and process requests to join the Earth Holder Sangha (or Ambassadors Group) and the “Keep me Informed” list. Also, train members and ambassadors to communicate within their Google Group affiliations.
·         Serve as Zoom Master? Support Earth Holder programs and committees by “hosting” and recording Zoom-based webinars and online retreats. Post sessions to the website and help launch the Plum Village Online School of Spiritual Ecology.
·         Join the Touching the Earth Newsletter Team? We need several volunteers to help produce the quarterly issues of the Newsletter as editors or writers. Alternatively, you can bring your graphic, photographic, or web talent. (And of course, we are always grateful for articles that fall into the themes of personal Earth Practice, sangha Earth Practice, and Earth-Dharma sharing).

Be sure and look for more information in the coming weeks about a November 2017 Earth Holder Gathering.  It will be a fun and information-filled volunteer orientation and getting-to-know-you session.

Get involved today!  Contact George at and volunteer for one of these positions or tell us how you’d like to help continue Thay’s teaching on earth holding and protecting.