Dear Earth Holders, Ambassadors and Order of Inter-Being members:

Our Teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh’s prophetic words were echoed in the most recent report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): Humanity has just 12 years to limit global warming to under 1.5° Celsius, if we are to avoid catastrophic threats to civilization and to all species.


The hell-fire tragedies just experienced in California; the increasing floods across the US, Europe and Australia; the heat-related deaths in India; the droughts in Africa  – all these clanging Bells of Mindfulness – will become much more commonplace in the 2nd half of this century if we do not Act Now.



What Can We Do Now?  What are Others Doing? 

The Good News is that even in the USA, where President Trump has declared our withdrawal from the 2015 Paris Agreement, hundreds of companies, cities and faith communities are taking action.  Thanks to Andrew Deckert, an Earth Holder and EHC Caretaking Council member, for these encouraging notes from a recent California Summit.

At Senator Sanders’ December 3rd live stream Town Hall Summit, many different voices were heard, particularly younger voters, students and activists who are making a real difference with fossil fuel divestment campaigns and community change.  Young persons, and older adults alike just engaged in Civil Disobedience in London as part of the new Extinction Rebellion Movement.

This week, Representatives from more than 190 nations are in Katowice, Poland, at COP24, the 24th Conference of the Parties, where they are hammering out the rules by which all nations will work to meet their Agreements from the COP21 Paris Summit.

Stop the Harm.  Grow New Forms. Change Consciousness & Culture.

All three of these strategies, as expressed by Joanna Macy, are important in limiting the suffering from climate change.  The Buddhist Peace Fellowship states them as Block. Build. Be. With our practice, we can address all three. What can we do?

Some ideas:

1. Revisit our Earth Peace Treaty Commitment, adding one more step if possible.

2. Step deeper into Compassionate Eating – a diet for personal and planetary health. Our Teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, sees this as the single biggest difference we can make individually.

3. Have tea.  Embrace Thich Nhat Hanh’s closing words from The World We Have: “ I hope you will take the time to sit down with each other, have tea with your friends and your family, and discuss these things. Invite Bodhisattva Earth Holder to sit and collaborate with you. Then make your decision and act to save our beautiful planet.”  

4. Cultivate Joy, especially in and with our sanghas. Consider adopting a local tree and dress it for the Holidays with Climate Ribbons, expressing what is most dear to us and which we most want to save.

5. Organize an Earth Holding Sangha, or Day of Mindfulness, deeply stepping into the Four Earth Holder Touchings of the Earth practice.

6. Step Out.  Connect to climate change movements in your local community; through partners like; Transition Towns; and Interfaith Power & Light. Also, watch here in January for more ways to participate in the new Mindful Way Forward Plan for the Earth Holder Sangha as we become the Earth Holder Community.

7. Share Your Story. Let us know how you and/or your sangha is engaging/practising with climate change. Send  comments to:


Most important of all, is that we hold firm to our practice of living mindfully; Be the Change
we are seeking to create; and Be true Transformation at the Base.  This is our greatest gift.

Thank you. We know you are there and we are grateful. Have a wonderful holiday. 

Earth Holder Care Taking Council