To support the upcoming Peoples Climate Mobilization on April 29th, and in solidarity with One Earth Sangha, The Buddhist Climate Action Network, Buddhist Global Relief , and faith communities around the world, we are calling on the International Plum Village Community to deep practice during the month of April to send our spiritual energy to Mother Earth and to  international political leaders. Together  we are  building a mindful presence to offer support so that our leaders may have the courage, clarity, and compassion to stand strong on their commitments to the Paris Climate Accord reached in December 2015.

As a global community we have the technology, we have the opportunity, and what we need now is the political and collective will and spiritual courage to act decisively to change course. We invite our Sanghas to come together to breathe, sit, and walk mindfully for the Earth, and generate a powerful collective energy of mindfulness and compassion. This powerful collective energy is our spiritual offering to the Peoples Climate Mobilization and the highest form of prayer for our precious planet.

 We Call Our Community to 5 Actions:

1. Join other Buddhists at a People’s Climate Mobilization March: On Saturday April 29th, we invite you to gather as a Sangha and join a Global Climate March in a town or city near you. We can contribute to the Climate March our collective energy of peace and stillness, enjoying every step with freedom and deep connection to the Earth.  You can  find a march near you or create an event of your own.  Our friends at One Earth Sangha have all the specifics of how the Buddhist Community will bring a Mindful Presence to the large People’s Climate Mobilization in Washington, DC.   Come join us there!

2. Reduce consumption of meat & dairy in April : To strengthen ourselves and ready our hearts for the April 29th Mindful Mobilization, we invite you to reduce consumption of meat and dairy products during April. You can come together as a sangha to eat a plant-powered “potluckstyle” or as a family in your home.  Check out our new Compassionate Eating page which is loaded with resources and information to make this action easy and fun. Eating in this way nourishes compassion, and we can send this energy to support those who will march . As we eat our meal, we may enjoy moments of silence to cherish the food, nourish our gratitude and appreciation for the Earth.  You may like to practice The Five  Contemplations .

​3.  Get Together: We encourage you to attend a sangha gathering near you, and to read from Thầy’s books Love Letter to the Earth and The World We Have . Raising awareness in our sanghas promotes collective awakening in society. A wonderful resource for this month is the Earth Holder Practice Book, which offers more than 50 pages of earth holding practices and teachings. You may also like to join gatherings and vigils organized by our brothers and sisters in other faith traditions and climate action groups, and offer your presence, peace, compassion and support.

4. Make a Commitment: We encourage you to reflect on your lifestyle and consider making a personal commitment with concrete actions to reduce your environmental impact .  The Earth Peace Treaty Sheet is a good resource for ideas. Tell those you live with or your local sangha what you plan to do (or refrain from doing), and ask for their support. When we meditate together and walk mindfully together, we amplify the power of our mindfulness, concentration and compassion. This strong energy of collective awareness will be felt in the world.  We are nothing less than Mother Earth herself. Our actions, especially in the Earth Month of April, will lead to collective insight, collective awakening, and collective change.

5. Wear a Green Ribbon: For the month of April,  we invite you to wear a green ribbon in order to  raise awareness, amongst those around you, of our collective practice of mindfulness and compassion in solidarity with the Earth during this time.  This simple act is easy to do, yet nonetheless requires mindfulness and also the willingness to answer the question you may be asked: “What’s your green ribbon for?”  You may have your own answer, best suited for you, but a good response can be: “It’s for tomorrow’s children, of all species. It is to remember their future now, as we make our choices. ”

We have turned to you, dear Mother, and asked whether or not we could count on you, on your stability and compassion. You did not answer us right away. And then, beholding us with great compassion, you replied, “Yes, of course, you can count on your Mother. I will always be there for you.” But then you said, “Dear children, you must ask yourselves, Can your Mother Earth count on you? Dear Mother, today, we offer you our solemn reply, “Yes, Mother, you can count on us.”   –  Thich Nhat Hanh, 10 Intimate Conversations with Mother Earth